Congrats on the sold out first-run of the Deus Ex: Human Revolution vinyl. You also sold out the previous Halo: Combat Evolved vinyl. Do you have plans to release more vinyl such as Mankind Divided?

Yes, we're very happy with how our vinyl is performing. The next vinyl release we have slated is for Halo Wars 2, which will come out later this year.

In addition to the just released Halo Wars 2 soundtrack, what else is new on the horizon?

Our partners have a bunch of great games coming out this year, but we aren't at liberty to discuss anything too far in advance. In the immediate future, we'll be releasing the For Honor soundtrack on CD. We're always excited to release music for new franchises, especially ones that pit Knights against Vikings against Samurai. The cultural mashups aren't exclusive to martial arts; you can hear elements of each faction in the music and it makes for a very cool soundtrack.

Tell us about Free Tracks Friday!

Free Tracks Friday is a great program we started last year. Basically, every Friday we choose five tracks from our extensive soundtrack catalog, and allow customers to download them absolutely free at for a limited time. It's a great way to expose fans to soundtracks they may have otherwise overlooked and it's definitely been a boon to sales. If anyone is interested in participating in Free Tracks Friday, be sure to Like us on Facebook - that's where we post the week's link and promo code for downloading the free tracks each Friday.

In addition to Sumthing’s video game soundtracks, you also offer worldwide distribution for Composer Collections. How does an artist submit music for the label’s consideration?

If there are any artists or composers interested in distribution, they can reach us at

You can view all of the Halo Soundtracks here.